Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tangi's Teardrops by Liz Grace Davis (Blog Tour)

So this is my third blog tour! Here, I'm particpating with a review (I always review! It's so fun!) of Tangi's Teardrops by Liz Grace Davis.

Tangi's Tear drops follows the titular character Tangi, who's never felt at home here. She's bullied by her sisters, and after her dad dies, by the maids in her uncle's house. But she has the three bottles that her dad gave her, and from here, she reaches her true home, the magical land of Rosevine. But the land is dying and Tangi is the only one that can save it.

I actually enjoyed this book most of the time, but there was one fairly big problem - it was too 'lukewarm'. When Tangi suffers, I don't feel as though she suffers very much (while this is a good thing in real life, it doesn't make for exciting reading). And when she reaches her fairy-tale kingdom, the "hardships" she has to go through barely register. After that, she has a fairly easy life, where her biggest problem is falling in love (really, that's it).

For example, she was supposed to be an outcast in our world right? But even as she's being abused, one of the maids softens and ends up helping her. Even though this makes for very flat characters, I would actually prefer for the villains to be villians to the end. This is because the book doesn't develope the characters enough, which means that I can't come to understand them. In that case, I prefer stock villians that I can go "aha!" and dislike.

While I really liked how the romance was slow and steady (on the part of Tangi at least), I wasn't altogether convinced of it by the end. I think that the book could have spent some time to create an event to bond them together.

But Tangi is a well-crafted character. Well, her willingness to love was what made me root for her anyway. She was actually to do some things that would make her unhappy in order to save Rosevine from destruction. She wasn't actually called upon to make this sacrifice, but her willingness to do so was enough for me.

This book isn't an exciting fairytale. It's quite tame, but it's a sweet story. There's not much danger or even much hardship, but Tangi grows on you and by the end of the book, I was happy for her that she got her fairytale ending.


  1. Eustacia, thank you so very much for taking the time to read Tangi's Teardrops and for hosting me today. I really appreciate it. Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you for letting me be part of your blog tour!



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