Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Sorry, no reviews today. I spend today at my alma mata (Methodist Girls' School). In the morning, I had to video my mom's art class for her art class. It's actually really refreshing to see girls who are camera shy/avoid the camera instead of looking for fame. In the afternoon, I held my first craft session at CF (Christian Fellowship). We made .... -drumroll- ... corner bookmarks!

Here are the three samples that I did:
All Three samples, one for each shape

And it was so fun! The girls are so cute and really creative. One of them (Keisha), even gave me the bookmark that she made, I'm really touched! It was really hectic at first, trying to oversee 20 girls at one time, but so worth it. And worth the hand-cramps I got on saturday from cutting 32 pieces of templates - in fact, they finished all the templates(:

So, here are some photos of them at work, as well as some of the bookmarks they made:

I love how unique these are!

One of the smaller girls. I'm happy that all of them could participate (there's
a 5 year age gap between the oldest and youngest)


  1. These bookmarks are so cute! I'm tempted to make some myself.

  2. Thanks! Would you like a link to the template I found online? It's only for the monster bookmark though....


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