Thursday, March 10, 2011

Christmas Letters

I managed to finish another book, so I figured I'll just quickly post. It's called Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber, who is a really good writer. I enjoy her books so much because unlike most of the "chic-lit" around today, her's don't have any content that need to be censored.

Anyway, Christmas Letters is a Christmas romance story set on Blossom Street. However, it introduces a new character called Katherine O'Conner, also called K.O. Her sister recently read a parenting book about how you should let children do as they wish, and she feels that her nieces are turning into 'monsters'. By chance, she realises that the author Wynn, stays in the same building as her.

After her 'psychic' neighbour read the kitty litter, and two raisins in a cereal bowl, she sets her up for a dinner date with Wynn. To their surprise, they both realise that when they're not talking about child-rearing methods, they get along very well. So well, in fact, that they start dating.

The ending is, of course happy, although there are some loose ends. But I think that because her books are very easy and quick to read, she chooses to focus on the main plot instead of developing subplots as well, since it would take longer. And as she is using a first-person narrator, it'd make sense that the subplot goes unexplained, since it's not possible for Katherine to know what happened.

Just a quick note: the reason why the big, fat books like War and Peace, and others are so thick and long is because they have omniscient third person narrators. This basically means that since the narrator is expected to know everything (omniscient), everything must be told. This would make the story (to be accurate, many stories and subplots) very long. And, it also means that you can't have a mystery story with a narrator like that.

Ok, that's really enough for today. (:

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