Saturday, October 27, 2012

Should I Buy A Kindle Paperwhite?

Hi friends, today's post isn't a book review. It's basically an opinion poll on if you think I should buy a Kindle Paperwhite.

You see, Amazon has just started selling the Kindle Paperwhite in Japan, and yay for me, I've been living in Tokyo since April. So, I'm trying to decide whether to pre-order the kindle. At about 8500 yen for the wifi only version and 13000 yen for the wifi plus 3G version, it's (the wifi only anyway), cheap compared to the about 10000yen Rakuten Kobo.

I already on an iPad where I do a lot of reading, and I really like to listen to music and read.

But I really would like to read more Japanese books (and I hear that they have quite a few copy-right expired books). But I also hear that some kindle books cost more than their American versions.

So, what do you think? Should I get myself the Kindle for a Christmas present? If I should, which model should I get? You can find more details about the Kindle Paperwhite here (if the link appears in Japanese, there should be a button on the top right which will bring you to the English page).

I'm also putting in a poll at the right, so if you don't want to leave a comment, you can always vote on the poll. ^_^


I really do appreciate all comments, and I'll try my best to reply within 24 hours!