Sunday, October 21, 2012

The S Factor Diet by Lowri Turner

I'm not sure why, but almost everyone I know if on a diet now. Personally, I'm too lazy to do it. But, I have been eating really unhealthily lately. But this book claims to teach you how to eat healthily, by balancing these four hormones - Serotin (the "Good Mood" hormone), Leptin (the hormone that tells you you're full), Dopamine (the hormone that motivates you) and Adrenals (the one that controls stress).

And really, I need to balance my diet. I've been eating really weirdly since I've arrived in Japan (I don't eat vegetables, yet there was period of time where I ate nothing but tofu and eggplant/carrots). It's because the grocery prices are so high. But it ended up wrecking my health (I'm probably the only person who falls sick after eating more vegetables). The most recent health-problem being really bad gastric, which resulted in me vomiting a few times during my mid-terms and leaving an exam half-way to get to the doctor. It was so bad I considered/was asked by my parents, to come home for the weekend to rest. It doesn't sound impressive, until you remember the 6/7 hour flight between Singapore and Japan. And by the way, I actually went back once my exams finished(Y)

But really, this book was quite interesting. I'm not sure whether these hormones exist (I took biology in Secondary School and I've never heard of them), but apparently, they're the latest discovery in science. So after you take a quiz that determines which hormone you lack (I lack Adrenals apparently), you can tailor your diet appropriately.

Most of the book consists of recipes. There is an eating plan, and then there are the recipes for the meals mentioned. I'm not sure if this is usual, but all the dishes sound really good. There are even deserts and snacks included! I don't think I can make any/most of them with my mini-stove and no-oven, but there are a few recipes which I'll definitely try in the future.

If you're just curious about what foods to avoid and what to eat, borrow this book. But if you want recipes that help you to eat better, then you should buy this book.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.

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