Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Next Web Magazine (for iPad)

Image taken from The Next Web
I probably haven't mentioned this before, but one of my favourite sites to read now a days would be The Next Web (TNW). It's a social media site, but it has loads of other interesting things involving entrepreneurship, and even humour (look at this page about Internet predictions!)

And one great thing about The Next Web is that they publish a free monthly magazine for the iPad app Newsstand. Yes, free! You can support them with a subscription, but you can also get the articles free. This means I can finally use my Newsstand app (considering I have no way/money to get subscriptions :p). Yippee!

So, every month, I can download a new issue. And each issue is wonderful! I'll have them permanently stored in my iPad if it weren't for the fact that I tried this once and ran out of space.

Each issue just gets better and better, as the magazine team turns each issue to a new and better version. Examples are like how the movie recommendations change from a simple blurb to a blurb with a trailer that you can watch in the magazine! Another example is how the music recommendations have added tracks that you can actually listen to!

As much as I love the printed word, I must say I can't imagine this magazine as anything but a digital copy. TNW has used the functions in the iPad to make reading this magazine a new and enjoyable experience! It's one thing to read music reviews, and another to listen to a demo track! I haven't bought anything while reading the app (There are links, especially for books) since I tend to read while offline, so I can't comment on the buying function.

Content-wise, the magazine is excellent. Each month has a topic, like Valentines Day (it's not always related to social media ;) ). This month's topic is Monetize and the feature articles, books and movies are planned around it. What results is that your knowledge in that category improves, plus you get recommendations on what to watch/read if you want more! So it's educational and entertaining! (Sorry, I have this thing about stuff being educational. I know, I'm a nerd :O )

If you have an iPad, you definitely have to get this. And if you can, please support those who made this magazine by subscribing.

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