Saturday, October 20, 2012

Long Reads #13

This week, it's just a collection of random stories. I've been reading less and less long essays though...

How Mormon's Make Money by Caroline Winter - After reading The Moroni Deception (link to review), I realised that I saved this article. To be honest, I'm still confused on how earning megabucks counts as spiritual. I understand how doing everything for God is holy (listen to Do Everything by Steven Curtis Chapman!), but for mere profit? Way to keep your eyes on Heaven.

Cat People by Louse Menand - It's on Dr Seuss and ... um, I think the cold war. I was really more interested in Dr Seuss than the political interpretations of his work. I mean, I have friends who still love Cat in The Hat, and I love Oh The Places You'll Go while almost leaving our teen years.

Cradle to Grave by Stephen Fried - This one's a crime article, along the lines of did they do it? If 10 babies all die mysteriously (supposedly due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), does that make the mother a cold-hearted murderer, or a pitiful woman? Add in the suspicions of the forensic department and well, you have a cold case that's heating up.

Can Tumblr's David Karp Embrace Ads Without Selling Out? by Rob Walker - Personally, my use of Tumblr is on-off. Sometimes I reblog a lot, sometimes I don't. I don't find it as intuitive as many people though, so I suppose it may just be me and my lack of technology know-how.

In Plain View by Malcolm Gladwell - To be honest, I only read this article because it was written by Malcolm Gladwell. But like his other articles, this brings a whole new light on a topic that you thought you knew. It's true that I tend to think of child molesters as perverted old men, but this article shows how they can be popular young people - and that's how they get away with it. I recommend reading this article so that you know when it's too much (if you already don't), and to stop yourself from being fooled.

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