Monday, December 5, 2011

Nintendo DS - 100 Classic Books

I've always wished that I could read on my DS, because strangely, it's my favourite device (sorry Apple). So when I heard of the 100 Classic Books catridge, I was floored. I mean, I need to save money and find this catridge fast. Ok, maybe not so fast because I bought 2 new books today and so, the cycle of saving must start (again).

Me being me, I think 100 books is plenty. Even if it's all classics. But apparently, there are other catridges, such as those by FLIPS, which is an interactive book game thing that has more recent books like Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, Enid Blyton. I'm actually most tempted to just get the Enid Blyton, since that was basically what I read growing up.

I'm a bit hestitant though, as to whether it's physically feasible to read on the small DS screen. But I won't know until I try it(:

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