Friday, December 16, 2011

And in other news....

I started knitting. Which is why my reading speed has slowed down considerably (I figured that if I can gain 23 stitches in one row while concentrating only on knitting, the results of me trying to do something else while knitting will be simply disastrous).

But I couldn't resist posting about my first Christmas present, and it's from Aunty Florence. I got two new books (and why do I have the feeling I won't get many books this Christmas?) - Death Comes to Pemberly, which I've been metaphorically dying (pardon the pun) to read, and Candles on the Sand by Katie Stephens, which seems like a really good book. Aunty Florence really knows my taste in books.

And a side-effect (side-effect: an unwanted or undesirable effect produced with the one intended - oh IB Chem SL Option D, why do I remember you so well?) of knitting is that my dad has told/asked me to re-pack the family library which admittedly, is over-flowing now. He reasons that if I have the time to start knitting a baby afghan (why can't we just say blanket?), I have time to repack (and since I'm repacking, catalog) the library.

In addition, I'll be trying to catch up on all the librarything member giveaway ebooks that I have, and with such a notoriously slow ebook reading speed...

In short: Knitting + Library + Miscellaneous items = less time to read and blog, so do forgive me if there is an occasional lapse in posting frequency (although I'm aiming for one post every one or two days, since I'm not in school now)

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