Friday, December 9, 2011

Finding Fiona by Emily Ward

Finding Fiona is one of the books I won from the member's giveaway. But with actual books that are unread with me, it's really hard to finish an ebook. But still, I figured I had to make an effort with the ever-growing backlist, and so, I managed to finish Finding Fiona by Emily Ward.

Fiona is an amnesiac. She was found injured by Hannah and has been looked after by her. But soon, it's revealed that she may or may not be a replica and she has to find out the truth, while hiding from the Alarias (the bad guys in the novel).

Replication, is apparently different from cloning. Replication is when you replicate an entire organism at that point in time while cloning involves birth and the growth process. That is about all that I understood. Mostly because there was a considerable time lag between when I got the book and when I read it, I spent the first one third of the novella or around there, trying to figure out what was going on.

But apart from a greater sense of narrative in the story, the novella is actually quite good (If you're wondering, I'm using the word novella because according to, it's a novella). I quite liked Fiona, the protagonist, and although the book felt really stationary (in the sense that nothing much was happening), I liked the resolution and what not.

The only complaint I have is that it has perhaps too many characters. I remember Fiona, Hannah, Troy and James. And I'm not even sure if James is integral to the plot. In fact, there was another character that I thought was important that wasn't given enough attention. As well as some miscellaneous characters that I didn't really see the point of. While it's ok to have many characters in a long long novel (like Lord of The Rings), I think it's hard to fit so many characters into a short novel. They end up (to me anyway), feeling like ghosts, insubstantial.

But since this book is relatively short. You could always recommend it to someone looking for a short sci-fi read.

On an unrelated note: my sister has finally finished her first ebook on the iPad. It's Pretty Little Liars.

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