Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge

I'm feeling really ambitious for next year, so I've decided to enter another reading challenge- The Sir Terry Pratchett Reading Challenge. I actually first saw the challenge on The Written World, and since I really love Terry Pratchett and his books, I couldn't resist joining (I will resist joining more though, since I want most of my reading to be spontaneous).

The challenge is, and I quote:

"Any format, any book, so long as it’s Pratchett. Re-reads are also perfectly acceptable! Books need to be started and finished between January 1st 2012 and December 31st 2012. You can set your own goals, whether you want to read 5 books or go for the whole Discworld series, that is entirely up to you. Be realistic or go crazy, there are no penalties if you don’t meet your goal, in fact the only real goal is to read some Pratchett. All you need to do is sign up below and steal the button. Stick it in a post, in your sidebar, on a separate page, wherever you like. I’ve made the button pretty big so please do feel free to resize it as fits."
Which if you ask me, is a perfectly reasonable challenge (I love doing fun stuff!)
I think for this challenge, I'll aim for at least one Terry Pratchett book a month, and to read more paraphernalia of his. I have a friend (another Discworld fan), who only reads the novels, but I'm the type of girl who likes to look at the whole universe/canon, so I'll really want to read more, like the myths (I saw a book about that in the library) and maybe look at some maps and others. Yes, this is the obsessive fan-girl in me speaking.

So in sum: at least one a month, and to read something about the Discworld universe but is not strictly a Discworld novel.

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