Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sharing a book(:

These few days, I've had an Interact Activity called Happy Day, where we organised a day for underpriviledge kids to come to our school and be entertained by us. This idea was the brainchild of (who else but) Happy. So the name fits(:

During the rehersals and on the day itself, I was attempting (with some success) to share the book "The New Birth Order Book". In case you've forgotten, the book is about how your birth-order affects your personality and what you can do about it. I find it really interesting and scarily accurate at times.

So, during these few days, I brought the book to school, and during spare moments, went around asking people their birth order and making them read the relevant passage about their characteristics to see if it was accurate (you can see what my ever-patient and long-suffering friends put up with). For some, it was accurate, and for others, not so much (resulting in our President being teased about being a 'social lion'). The book even sparked a discussion with my friend, on why her sister is the way she is (actually, it progressed to our siblings), and what our family and environment may have to do with it.

And that's the great thing about books. Sometimes, certain passages (you don't even need the whole book) can elict laughter or discussions, and the book doesn't even have to be a comedy. And that's why I really love sharing books (which you can tell from this blog, and most notably from the post about Orthodoxy).

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