Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wishing for Tomorrow: A sequal to A Little Princess

I love the book A Little Princess, and was always sad that there's no sequel. But, as for any other good book/movie/manga/anime, there's bound to be fanfiction. Take a look at all the Pride and Prejudice ones, for example (since they seem to have the most published fanfictions). While I haven't been to for some time, my impression is there's not many A Little Princess fanfiction. But now, I found Hilary McKay's fanfiction/sequel: Wishing for Tomorrow, which chronicles what happens at the Academy after Sara leaves.

While most sequels inspire debates, this book is no exception (were you expecting me to say otherwise?). At first, the characters didn't seem to be like how I remembered, but partly because I love Hilary McKay (who gave me and my friends Saffy's Angel as a Sec 1 Literature book), and partly because the story is engrossing, I continued reading. By the end of the book, I can happily say that this is a plausible continuation of the Little Princess.

While the characters may seem OOC (Out Of Character) at times, after consideration, they do seem to fit in. Time has passed, and we are seeing this book from Ermengarde's eyes, rather than Sara's. So it does seem fitting that the characters have grown and changed in character. The motives are really plausible (except maybe the one about Miss Amelia and the Vicar, but it's ok because that doesn't take up much of the plot).

After reading this, I can positively say: This is one happy fangirl(:

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