Friday, March 25, 2011

MORT (Be afraid, be very afraid)

I managed to finish reading another Terry Pratchet book, this one called Mort. The blurb for his books are really very good, so I'm going to copy the sentence here "Death comes to us all. When he came to Mort, he offered him a job." I just love this sentence. It has really good word-plays and does a decent job of telling you what the book is about without revealing a spoiler.

Anyways, from the sentence alone, Mort is Death's new apprentice. It's rather hilarious, since he is a very clumsy guy (his parents tried to get rid of him by apprenticing him off). There are many funny moments in this book, such as treating Death as an "ANTHROPOMORPHIC PERSONIFICATION" (his words, not mine). But yet, the book raises some really interesting questions such as:

What is death? Or rather, what is the difference between death and dying.

How much truth is contained in the line "There is no good or evil. There is just you" (When speaking of Death's job"

What is reality? When Mort starts to pass through walls (and when Death does that all the time), it's not because they aren't real (on the contrary, as one character puts it, you can't be more real than Death), but because they are too real.

Can reality be changed?

Questions, questions (and I'd love to hear what you think). Isn't it the great thing about Terry Pratchet? His books are so funny yet so deep.

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