Monday, March 28, 2011

Magic Hour (by Kristin Hannah)

Personally, I like the pretty pink cover
better, but that one can't seem to
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I went to pick up some books for Aunty Florence yesterday, so now I have 3 "new" books to read. Yay! The first book I read is called: Magic Hour, by Kristin Hannah. I've never heard of her before, but I really wonder why, because the book is really touching.

Magic hour is basically a simple love story. It starts with a disgraced child psychiatrist, who couldn't prevent her patient (mostly cause she didn't know) from killing members of her youth group. At the same time, a strange Girl is found in her hometown. The town Police Chief (who happens to be her older sister), calls her back to help. She gradually teaches the Girl (whom she calls Alice) to speak, and builds a bond with her.

My favourite parts of the book were when Alice spoke. It was eerie how accurately the author managed to capture the mind of an almost feral child (not that I would know if it were accurate). The simple language used is very touching, although at times, borders on the unbelievable when the sentence structures become too complex
for the character. But it's really hard to write like that, and I'm really impressed that she could.

The title (ok, this is really digressing), doesn't seem to make much sense at first, til you read til the last page, where she calls the time where she feels at home "magic hour" (for the first time in the book). It kinda reminds me about Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha, where you only realise where the title derives from when you read the last page of the book.

This is such a good book, and I'm glad that Aunty Florence decided to buy/loan it.


  1. The characters are endearing and you feel as though you are living through the trouble with them. The relationships and conflicts bring such emotion.

    1. Yes! And I don't care how unrealistic Girl is said to be, I still loved her characterisation(:


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