Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The New Birth Order Book

Thanks to Euge being in MG Secondary, I managed to get her to borrow The New Birth Order Book by Keven Leman, which is scarily accurate.

It talks mainly about how your birth order can affect your character, and quite a lot on first born's and perfectionism. Actually, the traits that he gives to characterise each birth order is really accurate, I can more or less guess who is which birth order.(:

One criticism I saw on amazon.com was that he spent too much time talking about his childhood. But I thought it was really interesting, and that it actually illustrated how birth order works better. After all, what's more persuasive than a real live example?

And one more good thing is that he's a Christian, so nothing in the book contradicts the tenets of Christendom, which makes me trust his findings/opinions even more(:

Now, I feel like reading his other book: The First Born Advantage.

I'm super busy this week with too much schoolwork, so all my posts will be way too short. But really, go read his books!

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