Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hamlet: The Manga Version

I was in the school library today, desperately looking for Literature books for my -doomed- EE, when I came across a Manga version of Shakespeare's Hamlet. While I did know that it existed, I've never read it before. So, when given the choice between Richard IV and Hamlet, I decided to go for Hamlet. Now I know where all the quotes are from. Even "Alas poor Yorick!" Shakespeare really is one of the most quoted authors of all time!

And while initially, it seemed a bit awkward, that faded really fast. The graphics are really good, and I actually understood the plot! Having learnt that Shakespeare is meant to be seen, not just read, I think the manga gives a good telling of the Bard's play.

Although, it was a little bit weird that the play was set in 2107, in a high-tech world. But it didn't give any thematic concerns and it was really fun to read.(:

Go and read it! (And the whole series!)

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