Monday, February 14, 2011

The Copper Scroll (Joel Rosenberg)

Hey(: Just a quick post. I've actually finished three books, but I want to post about this book first (cause it's so good).

While I've been trying to read this series in order, I don't really know anything, except that The Last Jihad was the first book in the series. (And the Last Jihad was interesting to read in Church, mainly because of the church)

Anyway, back to topic. The Copper Scroll is based on real events, and there really was a copper scroll found. But, unlike the book, the treasures mentioned in hasn't been found yet. But I suppose that's why the book is fiction and not reality.

Anyway, the premise of the book is that after a host of nations have gathered around Israel to destroy it, the Lord sent an earthquake to destroy the armies. OPEC has been destroyed and the newly formed Israeli oil company is not supplying most of the world's oil, making Israel richer than ever.

Meanwhile, Jon Bennect is going to marry (in the book, marries) the Erin McCoy, although they are no longer working for the president.

The story is actually more of a high speed chase, with really interesting fight scenes. But the only thing is, I cannot remember who some of the characters are, so the betrayal doesn't quite resonate as much with me. But I shall be going back to the library to get more of this series(:

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