Links to the Outside

Here, I just want to share some links that are not strictly book related, but which is either useful/entertaining nonetheless. Just click on the titles. But first, the book related ones: is like Project Gutenberg, but with nicer covers. Also, they have this interesting "books of the week", and now, even an ereaders guide. They don't only have out-of-copyright books, since I found the book The Demon Girl, which was written recently.

smashwords is not a totally free site, but is currently where lots of authors that give ebook giveaways um, give away their books. From all the free books, I like the short story Writing Critique: a Horror Short Story the best. The free books don't need an account to download them, but you need one (it's free) for the paid books)

Extremely Short Stories
If you're in need for a quick read, but find even normal short stories too long (I think we've all had times we were that busy), you can go to Rob's Extremely Short Stories. Apart from reading the posts, you can also request a short story yourself.

Kessor C
Here's another short story and poem site. Kessor's a Cambodian American, and her blog is dedicated towards her own original compositions. She writes not only short stories, but also poems, which is something very admirable, considering my lack of skills in poetry (both in reading and writing).

Heather James - Elements of Power
 photo ElementsofPower3copy.jpgHeather is the author of the YA series Elements of Power! In her blog, you can find more information about this series, thoughts on the writing, and so much more! If you're the sort that likes to visualise the characters, you'll love this blog! I've seen a post on the hairstyles of the different characters. 

The others:

My cousin Elena is an amazing illustrator/graphic designer. I say this not because she's my cousin, but because she truly is. I can't draw, but I know an awesome drawing when I see one! If you love pretty things, go take a look at her site!

TicTackToe is my friend Amanda's blog. She blogs about her life and other random stuff, but what makes her blog different is the quality of her writing. She loves reading and even though she doesn't say it a lot, you can tell from how she writes.

I also review books at IntoTheBook. It provides book reviews for both Christian and Secular books, but from a Christian perspective. Non-Christians, don't say I didn't warn you.

TwntySmthg, like this blog, is a made-in-Singapore, about Singapore site. Only thing is, they cover a wide (much different) range of topics. According to them, "twntysmthg is about living the twenties together, both in millenia and in age. It’s about the things we are learning about life and culture, in and from Singapore, and our world around us".

Tofugu is an American (I think!) site about all things Japanese. I love their articles, which can be well-informed, funny, etc. Most importantly, they're random (but the over-arching theme is still all about exam). If you're not that interested, then just read What's So Scary About Learning Japanese? Even if you're not learning Japanese, I think it can apply to all other languages.

A Time To Be Random
I wanted to call this TFER (Time For Eustacia's Randomness) at first but the url was taken (to read the full story, click here).  Basically, Tumblr is made for lazy people like me who only put up quotes and pictures and reblog. This is where you go if you're not my facebook friend or twitter follower (or even if you are), but want to know what sort of random things catches my eye. You might be surprised at the abundance of Japan-related paraphernalia. Or not.


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