Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Ideal Reading Space

About a month ago, Arhaus contacted me and gave me a post idea: talk about my ideal reading space. That sounded really fun and I agreed immediately. I spent some time browsing the Arhaus site (because I'm not a furniture person and didn't really know where to start) and in my ideal world, if I had unlimited funds:

My books would go in this Athens Grand Wall Unit. They have it in white too, but I thought that brown was a friendlier colour. Hopefully all my books would be able to fit into this (and if they do, then I have reason to buy more).

For lighting, I was looking at this Sylvanna chandelier.  Ideally, the room would have loads of natural light but I do read at night and I like how this chandelier looks like!

And then I got stumped about where I was actually going to read the books. After a while, I realised that I needed to divide by weather. For hotter climates like Singapore or Japan in summer/late spring/early autumn, I don't need chairs. All I want is a comfortable rug, like this Myknes rug:

As long as I can sprawl out somewhere with a book in hand, I'll be happy. And if I want to sit up, I'll just lean against the bookshelf. For winter, however, I'll want a kotatsu. A kotatsu is basically a heated table with blankets to trap the heat. It's fantastic and once you're in a kotatsu, you will never want to leave. Personally, something like the one on 99% Invisible would be perfect.

If I were in Japan during winter and I had a kotatsu and that huge bookshelf, I would probably never leave my spot (except to get tea and snacks, I suppose).

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