Thursday, April 7, 2016

Writing is my Drink by Theo Pauline Nestor

If something is blurbed as "the new Bird by Bird", you can be sure that I'm going to read it. I remember Bird by Bird, and though I'm not sure if I actually learnt anything from it, I remember being inspired by it, and I was hoping that Writing is my Drink would do the same.

This is basically a memoir of the author, with each chapter supposed to illustrate a point of writing. At the end of each chapter, there are exercises that you can do.

To be honest, I could have done without the exercises at the end. Most of the book is memoir, about how the author writes, so to suddenly come to a "checklist/to-do list" was a bit of a shock. And I'll admit that thinking of Bird by Bird made any concrete writing exercises a bit of a surprise.

Speaking of writing exercises - I actually did one! I wasn't going to, at first, but I loved the concept of the 21 minute memoir, so I decided to give it a go. And it was pretty fun (link), although what I wrote bore absolutely no resemblance to the others in her website. I did, however, manage to get a few people on Dayre to do it, and it was amazing reading their stories.

All in all, this was a decent read. I think it would have been more powerful without the exercises, since most of the book feels more inspirational than craft-focused, but since I actually did do one of the exercises, I can't say they were all totally distracting. Perhaps they would have been better served at the end of the book?

Speaking of writing inspiration, I should really go and re-read Bird by Bird when I get the chance.

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