Saturday, August 4, 2012

Longreads #8

Even though I skipped one week, I surprisingly don't have much articles to share. I guess that during my vacation, I read more books since I had long stretches of time (such as three-and-a-half hour bus rides). There's no theme, unlike the previous weeks but rather, it's a random collection of what catched my eye.

The Fragile Teenage Brain by Jonah Lehrer - The article connects both brain injuries and football together. I've never been a fan of football (rugby to those outside America), but after this, I really really don't want anyone I know to play football. At least in America, I don't Singapore is as dangerous.

Come As You Are by Alex Jung - Clothes make the man. Specific clothes make the man and other specific clothes make the women. But what happens if you mix it up? But amusingly, the only thing that stayed in my mind was the author's comment that drop-crotch pants were unusual. Well, not in Japan at least.

Neil Gaiman: Keynote Address - I never knew that Neil Gaiman had never graduated from university. But that was one fabulous speech nonetheless. I wish I was there to hear it. If you read only one article from this list, read this one. It's inspirational.

Decline of the English Murder by George Orwell - I still like Agatha Christie the best ;)

Amy Sohn Interview: Amy Sohn talks about being a working mother with a stay at home husband - I'm in a traditional family, but I don't actually see the problem with the mother working and the dad staying at home. It really depends on what strengths each person has. For example, my dad does the laundry at home.

Katharine Birbalsingh: 'I spoke at Tory conference so I must be evil' by Decca Aitkenhead - I never knew the education system in Britain was so serious. They seem really divided and well, no one comes across particularly well in the whole story. I wonder, have they even decided on what the aims of education are supposed to be?

The Life and Death of the Chosen One by Peter Wilkinson - I haven't heard of the Children of God cult, but now, I can't believe that I've never heard of them. The life story of Ricky Roderiguez is so sad, by being born into the cult, he didn't have much of the chance. I wish someone had shown him the true love of God after he managed to walk away. Perhaps then, his life would not have had such a tragic ending.

What have you read this past (two) weeks?

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