Friday, November 25, 2011

Goodbye! (I'm off to Hong Kong)

Today, I'll be taking a midnight flight to Hong Kong (HK) for a holiday and to visit some family there. So, rather obviously, don't expect anything for at least a week, since I'm only bringing my iPad and it's terrible typing out a blog post without a proper keyboard.

Yes, I really love Ace Attorney as well. Anyone with a Nintendo DS should buy the game.
If you don't have a DS, well, get one!
But on another note (or rather, an announcement), I've finally jumped on the Tumblr wagon. No, I'm not moving my blog there, mostly because when I look at Tumblr, I don't feel like writing anything. Plus, the only reason I joined was because my friends convinced me it's not like a blog at all. So, if you're really bored, you can go to:

I wanted to use tfer (Time For Eustacia's Randomness), but unfortunately, that URL is already taken. But no fear, my tumblr will be just as random. The only content that will be mine is mainly some photos (maybe) and quotes (mostly). The rest are just reblogs or other things that I really like, so it's I dunno, a chance to see how my mind works I guess.

And since the reblogging function is way too easy to use, I'll probably 'update' my Tumblr (if reblog can mean update) in HK and anywhere else that has free wifi.

See you!

(And of course, even though I now have way too many books, anyone is free to bet/guess if I'll buy even more books there. Although there's not way I'm buying Chinese books, I'm simply not up to par).

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