Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WWW Wednesdays

Well, I did say that I didn't want to do so many meme's this year, but this seems fun and I want to try it at least once. It's from ShouldBeReading, the wonderful blog that also hosts Teaser Tuesday (one of my favourite meme's! And probably the only one I participate in semi-regularly). So without further ado:

What am I currently reading? 

I'm currently reading The Glass of Time by Michael Cox

It's the sequel to The Meaning of Night, which was so good that I ordered the sequel once I finished reading it.

On the iPad, I'm reading Philology by James Turner

It's about the history of the discipline of this area of study. It's a dense read, but rewarding so far.

And my current distraction (that I can't seem to put down) is the manga Prince of Tennis that I'm re-reading.

What Did I Just Finish Reading? 
Um, I'm not sure since I'm normally reading a few books at one time, but I think it's The Doll Maker by Majanka Verstraete

It may be a kid's book, but it's still scary.

What do I think I'll read next? 
I have no idea. I'd like to start on this book:

It's a Professor Layton novel! *fangirls* But I have a mental block when it comes to reading in Japanese. I'll probably go through my English TBR pile. Or maybe a textbook, the new school term is starting.

What about you?


  1. Wow, they're very unique! I haven't read any of them. I really like this meme. It's great to find new books and new blogs!

  2. Cool list. Like the graphic novels. Hope you stick around. This is one of my favorite memes and I only participate once a month. I'm one of those people who does too much all the time. Here's mine:


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