Monday, April 7, 2014

Martin King and the Space Angels by James McGovern

Some time ago, James McGovern, the author of Martin King and the Space Angels contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing this book. Of course I was interested, but since I don't tend to open up the kindle app, it took me some time to start this book. Once I started this book though, I managed to finish it in about an hour.

Martin King and the Space Angels is about the titular protagonist Martin King, his love interest Darcy and his best friend and cousin Tommy as they save the world from an evil force called XO5.

The good points of this book is that it's a readable book with an interesting plot. I was genuinely interested in finding out what happens next, and of course, if the book was boring, I might not have even finished it.

However, the book suffers from some pacing issues, which do affect the plot. This book can be broken into at least two, ideally three books, in order to fully develop the adventure and the characters. Right now, I can identify two main story arcs: the save the earth arc and the showdown with XO5 arc. The save the earth arc was the longer and better developed arc. But, around the end of that arc, to the end of the book, the story gets very rushed, which make certain character developments unbelievable. Personally, I think the book would be even better if it was divided into one book about saving the earth (and expanding the last section to make the change in certain characters, like Martin's dad and Moonstone, more believable), one book about the next "mission" to save Hope and a last book about the final showdown with XO5. I believe that if the book was further developed, not only the plot and pacing would be improved, but the characters would become even more well-developed.

Overall, this book has an interesting plot and is easy to read. However, it does suffer from pacing issues and could be developed a lot further.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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