Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: The Glass of Time by Michael Cox

Woohoo, it's Tuesday again, and here's Teaser Tuesday to remind me of one of the books that I'm currently reading. Since school started, I've been reading more ebooks, but I really must get on with this awesome book (truth be told, I'm afraid of finishing it and finding out what happens).

The book in question is called The Glass of Time, and it's the sequel to The Meaning of Night. And here's the teaser:

Where is the palpable evidence to connect you to the business? There is none. Words on paper can kill in these matters, my Lady, but you have assured me many times, have you not, that there are no words on paper concerning the matter - nothing committed to that deadly medium - that might condemn you."
 What do you think?

Share the links to your teaser with me in the comments! Hope you have a good week ahead :D

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  1. Hi Eustacia--I'm glad you were able to find "The Glass of Time." I think you will enjoy it as much as Michael Cox's earlier work. When you get to the end, tell me if you think Cox set it up for a third book.


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