Saturday, November 3, 2012

Long Reads #14

This week, I just read a random collection of articles. I hope you enjoy them! (Although really, I found the crime articles a little bit disturbing.

Tokyo Hooters Girls by Paige Ferrari - American things are really popular in Japan, and this article explores what is really famous in America (but unknown in Asia). I thought the article was a pretty interesting description of how certain cultural aspects have to change in order to appeal to the Japanese. But the ending of the virtual girlfriend, I don't quite understand how that ties in with the article. This is if, of course, you assume as I do that this article is about importing business between cultures, rather than being a comment about Japanese culture (which wouldn't fit anyway).

Inside the Sex-Offender Cluster of One Long Island Town by Jennifer Gonnerman - What happens to Sex Offenders (or other criminals for that matter) when they're released? Well, they group together, not because they're planning another crime, but because there are only so many places that will rent to them. The most common worry is - are they really reformed?

The Truck Stop Killer by Vanessa Veselka - When the author was a teengaer, she was almost killed by a trucker that she hitch-hiked from. Many years later, she tries to find out if her would-be murderer is the same sick serial killer. Through this, we see how there's a whole subculture, where a women is seen as next to nothing, and can go missing for weeks without being noticed. And into this, a truly sick human being choose to take advantage of them. I have never hitchhiked, and now, I never will.

How Our Brains Stop Us From Achieving Our Goals (and How to Fight Back) by - Not technically a long essay, but it's a useful article. I mean, everyone has their own goals right? That we fail at? (Or is that only me?). So, this article should help.

Land of the Rising Fun by John Bradley - Japan sounds really fun! And this guide focuses on the nature-y things to do. Among them (like skiing! I want to learn to ski!), there are some that aren't mentioned, like this scary sounding rope bridge that you can walk across. Seriously, it's in Tokushima, and I want to walk across that bridge one day (Ok, I want to see someone walk across. I may not make it :p)

What did you read this week?

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