Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wild One (manga) by Kiyo Fujiwara

I have finished another manga! Or to be more exact, one of the mangas that I'm reading has finished (some, like Detective Conan, aren't).

Wild Ones is so good(: It's about Sachie, who after her mom dies, finds out that she's from a Yakuza family. This manga romanticises the Yakuza world, but I don't care. It's so nice~~

Sachie justs wants to be ordinary, but she finds it impossible, especially with her caretaker Rakuto, who happens to be the most popular boy in school. And due to his selective dissemination of information, they all happen to think that she's a rich ojou-sama (princess/young lady). So the series is quite comedic, since she's trying to adapt to this new family while keeping it a secret from her friends.

And of course, there's the romance angle. Although, Sachie and Rakuto are just about the most oblivious people ever. Actually, Sachie is more oblivious. Rakuto knows, but he doesn't dare to tell her, unlike Azuma, who also likes Sachie. But as the story progresses, they gradually start to be aware of each other's feelings towards the other. And yes, the story remains clean throughout.
Sachie and Rakuto

But to me, the ending is the sweetest and most touching part. Because the Yakuza are discriminated (a very big part of the story), Sachie has managed to live a normal life for 3 years. And while I wouldn't mind if the manga ended like that, but it was so much better that the manga addressed the issue. I was very close to tears when Sachie -spoiler alert- ran out of school because of a bad flashback, but at least there were smiles all around at the end.

This story is about 56 chapters long, so it's quite short. I finished this within 2 or 3 days, and while reading other books as well, so I think this is good as an introduction to manga without being overwhelming. And of course, this is a shoujo (young girl) manga, so if you're a sucker for romance stories, you should really read this.

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