Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pieces of Sky by Kaki Warner

I started reading this book while waiting for Cake Boss (if you haven't watched it, go watch it! The show is awesome and I love the cakes~). But by the time I looked up, the show was 2/3rds over -sad face-

This is one of those western romances, lent to me by Aunty Florence. It's quite interesting because the two main characters are quite opposite in character. Or at least the way they act. Jessica is supposed to be a lady while Brady is a rancher.

Um.... let me see... the backstory for Jessica was quite interesting, and I wish that more was said about the downfall of her brother-in-law. There's also a quite exciting backstory involving Brady and a messed-up family past, culmilating in devastating fire to the ranch that almost ended Brady and Jessica's relationship.

I think if anything, the major weakness of the book was that it was too focused on their romance towards the end. I would really have liked to read more about what happened when Jessica returned to England. From the few details we are told, it seems like it could be very interesting. Unfortunately, it felt like the author wanted to wrap up the story quickly (this occured in the later half of the book), and I missed being introduced to some interesting-sounding characters like Douglas. The first half of the book is quite good, because there's the more immediate threat of Sanchos (a deranged man who provides the danger in the novel).

But then again, the book is 412 pages already, and I suppose most people won't want a fluffy book to be any thicker. Yes, I said fluffy. I think so because there isn't much exploration of deeper issues (there's the usual love stuff, but it occurs in almost every romance novels), unlike say, yesterday's review of Shayla Witherwood, which also (actually, it was mainly about) fitting in.

The book is mostly clean except for a few pages which I skipped. I would say that this is definitely for older readers.

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