Monday, April 11, 2011

East and West

I managed to finish the two books before I leave, so there's a good chance I can send a audition post to IntoTheBook by Easter! Anyway, I read two radically different books, well, more of finished two books today, which makes me so happy(:

The first book Dear Jane Austen takes a "What if Jane Austen was an agony aunt?" approach. Although, at first, the tone of the book is annoying, since it takes a rather weird first person approach (which is fine for letters but not for reported conversations), and although it stays annoying, the book does gradually grow on you, and I really enjoyed it.

The cool thing is that I picked a book mark at random to place in the book, and it turned out to be the Jane Austen Bookmark I had, that declared that "There is no enjoyment like reading", which is from my favourite book Pride and Prejudice(:

The other book is called Kickboxing Geishas, and is probably more of a sociology book than anything. It aims to examine the changes and the driving forces behind the modern Japanese women. I have to say though, this book was very enjoyable and informative, although I do wonder how accurate it is coming from a gaijin. Or would a book written by a gaijin be more accurate?

That's a thought to consider.

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