Monday, April 4, 2011

Leading with Kindness(:

Today, I managed to sneak a book into my reading, and I realised that there were many personal applications possible. The book, Leading with Kindness, is basically about CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) with regards to the workplace. But, even though it's for management (I'm reading because it's interesting, and it's related to BM anyway), there's one or two key concepts that we can learn from. One of them, is the age-old "failure is necessary and inevitable", the other, is interesting...

Basically, it uses the concept 39+1>40+0. And even though mathematically, it's not true, what it means is that in a 40 hour work week (which I understand is the standard amount of time), a person who spends all 40 hours just working isn't as productive as the person who uses 1 hour plan ahead. It's actually very true, and really illustrates the basic concept of time management: you need to plan ahead if you want to manage your time effectively.

But all this aside, I realised that the "Lead with Kindness" concept that they were talking about actually reflects very closely, if not identical to how the Bible we says we should treat workers. Like Jesus said "Love your neighbour as yourself", and this is one of the two commandments that all the Law and Prophets hang on. And what is loving your neighbour as yourself? Isn't it treating people with kindness?

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