Friday, April 8, 2011

Vienna Blood (Frank Tallis)

I've actually read two books: The Japanese Money Tree and Vienna Blood, but I have a feeling that The Japanese Money Tree, being a book about investing in the Japanese market, isn't going to interest anyone, except me. And now, I really really want to buy GLP, and Japan REITs. Sigh, not enough cash sadly.

Going back to the topic, Vienna Blood is another book in the Dr Max Liebermann series, this time investigating a serial killing that begins with the murder of a snake. It's a giant snake, but I can't remember the exact species -.-

But anyway, considering that this book is fiction, and the book where I learn the most about Jung and Freud (At least until I read Dream Psychology), it's really educational. And exciting. Two things that rarely go together. The best part (or, at least, a really good part) is chapter 30, which is a conversation between Freud and Liebermann, which explains a bit of Freudian theories. There's another chapter, but I can't recall what it is. But it's fun because we're learning Siddhartha in class now, so most, if not all, of HL3 can relate to the terms in the book.

I had fun reading this book(:

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