Thursday, June 16, 2016

Yurei Attack by Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt

I found this book quite by accident, but because I've read Ninja Attack, a different book by the same author, and enjoyed it, I decided to borrow this and read.

Luckily, it totally lived up to my expectations.

Yurei Attack is basically an introduction to the various kinds of Yurei (ghosts) haunting Japan. Of course, it's not exhaustive, but most of the main Yurei are featured (I think).

The Yurei in this book are divided into three categories: "Sexy and Scary" (aka famous lady ghosts), "Furious Phantoms" and "Sad Spectres". There's also a section on haunted areas in Japan and games related to the Yurei. Altogether, 36 Yurei/Yurei-related things are introduced. The last section is on the Japanese version of hell, a glossary, Yurei toys and an extensive bibliography.

Oh, and a list of resources they recommend.

I thought the book was very interesting, and I liked that each topic came with an illustration. So it was very easy to read and very colourful. It is not, however, and in-depth look into the Yurei - when I finished this, I wanted something meatier to sink my teeth into.

But first, I think I'll check out the other book in this series - Yokai Attack. I mean, the book did constantly refer to it after all.

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