Thursday, September 15, 2011

I feel terrible now that...

... now that I realised that I didn't reply to someones comment.

I had some time today (3 day break between papers), so I was looking through some old posts. And I realised that someone called Andrew Boyle actually wrote a comment here that I didn't see and so, didn't reply to (it's a very bad habit, I always take time to reply) And because I'm not using a google account for blogspot (I'm using my yahoo account), I can't find a way to reply (._.). So here goes (if still reads this blog that is):

Yup, I do like reading classics like Anna Karenina, because I really love Tolstoy (I find Dovestoky, sorry about the spelling, harder to understand though...) And I really don't read quickly, it's a mistaken impression that somehow a lot of people form.

So anyways, this random and unplanned post was just for this, as well as to say that in the future, I'll try to reply to all (if any) comments as fast as possible.

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