Monday, September 19, 2011

2 New Ebooks

Wow, I realised that I haven't posted about ebooks for a long time, mostly because I haven't been reading ebooks. But recently, I found two new sites for ebooks (legally downloaded of course), one of which is called . One of the fantastic things is that quite a few of the books are free, because the authors are kind enough to provide it free of charge. Oh, since I forgot, these are the 'new' books, unlike Project Gutenberg, which is more for books whose copyright has expired.

One of the books is called Arousing Love by M. H. Strom, it's a Christian teen novel about relationships. It's title is taken from the Song of Solomon, which exhorts the reader not to arouse love until the time is right. Basically, this book occurs when the protagonist falls into love at first sight with a "too young" girl. Basically, an 18 year old boy with a 15 year old girl.

The narrative feels a bit stilted to me, and not exactly like that of a teenage boy. In fact, at times, the story veers into a discourse on the Christian principles of dating, especially with long stretches of dialogue that didn't feel believable.

However, this book is still a good primer to a Christian approach to relationships (I think, because I've never been in a relationship since I'm waiting for God to speak), even if the plot does seem far-fetched. Beware though, it's really more suited to the Christian reader than the non-Christian.

The next book is actually a short story called Writing Critique: A Horror Short Story by Rebecca M. Senese. There's nothing I can actually say without giving away the entire plot, but I will encourage you to read it because I think it's a good humor-approaching-satire of a writing group/writing circle.

So yes, go and check this site out, especially if you have an e-reader like an iPad, where you can't download the kindle app (at least for me, since I'm not in the States)(:


  1. This book was nothing like i expected it to be. It had a lot to do with God. But i did not mind that at all. This story sucked me in and made me feel as if i was in the story. This books speaks about a lot about temptations and what it means to abstain from making love before you are married. There were also small suspensful parts that made you want to hurry up and turn the page. I loved the ending, it brought tears to my eyes. Great book for teenagers.

    1. I think it's great for showing how it's possible for teenagers to abstain before marriage (and how that doing so doesn't cheapen love), something that's quite sorely lacking in most YA books(:


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