Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twnty Smthg and Other musings

I'm almost done with all my exams, just one more paper to go. So, before I go back to writing book reviews, I thought I'd introduce this site:

It's a made-in-Singapore site that makes me proud to be Singaporean. It's not unreachable, nor is it mindless fluff. They're mission statement (or is it a vision statement?) is that "twntysmthg is about living the twenties together, both in millenia and in age. It’s about the things we are learning about life and culture, in and from Singapore, and our world around us. "

Yes, so they mean twenties as in "twenty-oh-nine" "twenty-ten" and so on. If you're like me, you'd have thought this site was targeted at people in their twenties. Oops, honest mistake.

It's a lovely site though, and I like how they combine photgraphy and words, which makes it good reading. The only thing is that the site address may be a bit hard to remember, but for me, that was because it wasn't til today that I realised it meant "twenty something". I suppose this is what happens when you insist on writing out the full words in sms-es or msn conversations(:

And this site (here comes the "other musings" part) made me realise that I'd probably enjoy being in the service sector. When I looked through the site, I thought of a friend and just sms-ed here the name. I hope she reads it. It made me realise that I enjoy matching people to books/sites. But there are caveats: One of them, is that I have to know what they like (I hear a "duh") and the other, is that it can only be for things I like.

For example, to ask me to work in a shop selling clothes is a bad idea. I'm terrible at dressing myself, let alone others. I'm 18, but I get mistaken for 12, which Esta and Denise say is because of my clothes. I like 'A lines skirts' and well, I look either "preppy" or "kawaii" (cute)". And since I really do like Hello Kitty.... well, Esta had nothing nice to say about that. So, clothes would be out. And for similar reasons, so is technology (google hates me, I think).

So, the obvious choice would be a bookshop. My unofficial hobby is recomending books to people anyway, so I think I'd be really happy there. What I really want in the future is to open up my own bookshop(: The other, simultaneous option is mission work, and I'm serious about this. God put Japan in my heart for a reason. Which is why, I can imagine myself opening a Christian bookshop in Japan.

What about you? What 'job' (since somehow this musing came all the way to jobs) would suit you? Just drop a comment if you want and let me know.

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