Friday, July 22, 2011

Introspective thoughts(:

I don't quite think the title made sense :p

Anyway, since I ran out of books, I decided to re-read Phillip Yancey's Soul Survivor. That's because today was the release of mid-year results, and I needed some comforting. But praise God, I exceeded my expectations for most of my subjects.

But as I was reading about the different people that inspired Yancey, I did wonder, what am I like? Am I like Martin Luther King? Willing to be non-violent? Nah, ever since I entered AC, I'm afraid I've gotten into the habit of kicking people in the shins. They don't mind (I'm too tiny to be a threat), but it's not good.

What about my character? I know I can be blindingly obvious at times. Perhaps it's because I hardly come across people I don't like, so when I can't stand a person, it's very obvious. I can sulk (actually, I'm not sure, but I think so), and I'll just talk over that person.

But at times, I'm very good at pretending, especially when it comes to social situations. Perhaps because of the way I've been brought up, I'm better at hiding my feelings or "acting appropriately" if the situation calls for it.

It feels quite interesting, how I hardly know myself sometimes. If I were to take a very objective viewpoint, I'd say that it's interesting how complex people can be, even me, although I tend to think of myself as unsubtle and blindingly obvious.

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