Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Book Shopping(:

I went to visit Aunty Evonne today, and since she now lives at Orchard road, I decided to go to Borders and Kinokuniya afterwards.

Well.... I'm actually disappointed with Borders. How can it not have Agatha Christie or Enid Blyton? I can understand the lack of Enid Blyton, since she's probably less read now, but seriously, Agatha Christie? That is a serious serious omission. But I did buy the latest Sarah Dessen and the Suspect X novel(: (This is what happens when you have a discount voucher that you really want to use)

After that, I really really felt like reading 2:46, which is a book about the Japanese Tsunami. But unfortunately, Borders doesn't have it. Or the other book.

So, I went over to Takashimaya, which has a Kinokuniya bookstore. It's the main branch actually, so it's huge. So huge that I do get lost whenever I go there. Well, they have a good selection of books on Japan (obviously, it's a Japanese bookstore after all), but 2:46 wasn't there, although the other one (why can't I remember the name??) was. Well, 2:46 is the at the Bugis branch. I should have gotten it there when I saw it. Next week then.

Well, I just wish I had the Kinokuniya membership card. I buy books from there so often. (If you know me personally and you're reading this -birthdaywishhinthinthint-

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