Monday, July 4, 2016

The Stone Child by Dan Poblocki

I don't remember how I found this book, but it made it into my wish list in the NLB catalogue.

The Stone Child follows Eddie, the new kid in town, and his new friends Harris and Maddie. Eddie is a big fan of the horror writer Nathaniel Olmstead, but trust me, you do not want these books coming to life. Unfortunately, they do for Eddie. Plus, his mom accidentally got into things (though she doesn't know), and well... let's just say that as cliched as it sounds, Eddie has to go save the world. Or at least his town.

I really enjoyed this book, especially as it kept me guessing throughout. I can honestly say that I didn't see the end coming (unlike Zootopia, which was good (not horror though), but which ending was pretty obvious at the one hour mark). I'm glad that it was a happy ending though, because a sad horror ending is just "throw book at wall" material.

Eddie and his friends are pretty likeable too, though they sometimes very very close into trope territory, with the new kid, the weird goth kid, etc. But thankfully, they stay realistic. The character that was closest to "cardboard" to me was Maggie, but I think that was because she was introduced the latest, and before she entered, the kids already stereotyped her (and as awful as that is, it informed my understanding of her). But Eddie and Harries were really fun to read, no complaints there.

I'm definitely reading more from this author. And if this isn't a series, well, I hope that one day, he'll write the Nathaniel Olmstead books as well. They sound like they'll be fun, scary reads as well.

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