Sunday, May 8, 2016

Once Upon a Time X: Pause and Reflect + Grimm Fangirling Post

Since we're about halfway through the Once Upon a Time X Reading Challenge, I thought it would be a good time to take a look at see how I'm doing.

And then I can fangirl over Grimm.

It's mostly for the later, even though the title may make it seem otherwise.

In my "I'm totally doing this" post, I mentioned that I wanted to do Quest the First and Quest the Second. So how am I doing on that?

So far, I've read and reviewed:

Sabriel, my pick for fantasy. And,
The Folklore of Discworld, my pick for folklore.

So that's half of Quest the Second done (well, for the minimum), and two-fifths of Quest the First done. I'm totally on track! Not to mention that my fairy-tale pick, Princess of the Midnight Ball has already been read, and I'll probably post the review sometimes next week!

Which means it's time to add another bonus quest:

And my pick is.... GRIMM.

If you've not heard about it, Grimm is a TV drama about fairy tales coming to life. Or rather, fairy tale characters coming to life. These characters are called Wesen, and the people who hunt them are called Grimms.

The hero of the show, Nick, discovers that he's a Grimm in the premier, but instead of doing the traditional thing, he's been carving out his own path as a Grimm, and yes, that means making friends with some of the Wesen.

My favourite Wesen are (unsurprisingly) Monroe and Rosalee, a really adorable couple. Plus, their relationship over the course of the show is really, really sweet.

But what I really, really like about this show is the way they're transitioning to bigger arcs as the seasons go by. The first season was really a Wesen-of-the-Week format, where Nick discovers that the homicide case he's working on is somehow related to Wesen. Only the last few chapters had a storyline that lasted beyond one episode. However, now that we're in season five (and nearing the end of it), this has completely changed. The entire season five has been dominated by the Black Claw narrative arc, and I love it, even though every missed showing of Grimm (for example, there wasn't an episode this week) makes me want to tear my hair out.


Basically, if you're looking for a darker twist on fairy tales, and like me, you love murders and mysteries, you have to check out Grimm. And if you're a fellow fan, let me know so that we can fangirl (or fanboy) together!

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