Friday, January 17, 2014

Out of Mormonism by Judy Robertson

A while ago, I reviewed My Name Used To Be Muhammad and mentioned that I didn't agree with Mormon theology. A while later, I found this book. It's a personal account of one woman's conversion to (and away) from Mormonism, and I found it fascinating.

Of course, like the title indicates, the author left Mormonism after a while. You see, Judy and her husband were initially attracted to the Mormon lifestyle. They thought that these were Christ-fearing folk, and they admired the way they lived.

But, as they got more involved with Mormonism, Judy started to feel like things weren't right. She was striving to be right with God, while the past Sunday School lessons were saying that something wasn't right. Even a trip to the temple, considered to be one of the most spiritual experiences, just reinforced the sense that something was wrong.

And so, after carefully studying the Bible, she and her husband came to realise that Mormonism is not Christianity and left the Church. Now, she and her husband run a ministry helping Mormons who wish to leave the Church. In fact, the later part of the book is filled with stories of people who have left.

What I like about this book is that the author tells her story simply. I understood how she felt, and why she made her decisions, and at the end of the story, I felt like I was with her through the whole thing.

If you're looking for a personal account about Mormonism, I'd recommend this book.

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