Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Scrapbook Of My Revolution by Amy Lynn Spitzley

This is one of the first books I read on my new iPad, and it was a good choice. This was a gorgeous reading experience (I'm talking about both Retina and the book). Because this was a scrapbook, there were loads of images, and they showed up beautifully.

Seriously, beautiful.

Ok, enough about how beautiful it is, let's talk story. This book has as it's protagonist Amber Alexander, a Malian. A Malian is kinda like an X-Men, as she is born with a superpower - in this case, the ability to read emotions. Plus, she's golden. That's the two traits of Malians - superpowers and different skin colours (there are others, but they're not widely known). And like the X-Men, there's an Anti-Malian group about making this difficult for them.

As a result of events, Amber starts up a Lake Michigan Malian Support group (check name) and gets pulled into a revolution of her own. In the process, she gets to know this guy called Jonny Marino, a persuasive Malian who may or may not have an evil agenda.

To be honest, the first one third of the book bored me. And this is from someone who likes slow books! Somehow though, her descriptions of her angst (and her way of coping) due to being a golden girl desired by all guys just bored me. But, the book picked up after she formed her group and I was pulled into the story.

Character-wise, I think it was fine. It definitely wasn't bad, but I'll be hard-pressed to say they were exceptional. I liked Amber and her (regular) cousin Bree, but some characterisations, like Kevin the blue Asian kind of annoyed me. Why did he have to be alchoholic?

One warning, while there is nothing explicit in this book, there is a lot of innuendo. I didn't have to skip any sections, but I was uncomfortable with certain conversations - and I certainly don't condone their morals.

So in conclusion, I'd reccomend this for older teens looking for an X-Men like book.


  1. Oh I simply love X-men so I may want to give this one a try!
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Florentine @ Readiculously Peachy


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