Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Little Pony by Katie Cook and Andy Price

I didn't know that My Little Pony had a comic! *Squeals*

Story-wise, it was good. I imagine that if this was the cartoon, it would be a two-part episode that comes either at the start of the end of the season.

Basically, the main story is that the queen of the changelings (she's the one that tried to impersonate Princess Cadance and drain Shining Armor of his powers) has kidnapped Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo. To save their sisters and Scootaloo, the ponies set out to rescue them.

Along the way, the changelings try to break up their friendship. Will the ponies survive? (The answer is "look at the name of the show!")

It really is a "friendship is magic" story, and I think any fan would love it. But for some reason, the graphics look a little different from the animated series. Perhaps it's just me, perhaps the artists were different.

Apart from the main story, there is one or two other short stories in-between. These are really cute, and I would have loved to see more.

For the die-hard My Little Pony fan, this is a must-read. For those looking for a gift for a little girl, this is a safe bet. And if you want a joke gift for someone who scoffs at My Little Pony (and I have a long list in mind mwahahaha), buy this immediately!

Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this galley from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.


  1. When I first saw the title I thought this was a My Little Pony Cookbook. *disappointed*

    1. Oh yes, because of the name "Cook" right? I really wish it was, I'd love it!


  2. It looks adorable. Love it!



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