Monday, April 15, 2013

Arise by Amber Garr (Syrenka Series #3)

I'm at the third part of this blog tour! And I'm really pleased to bring you my review of the third book in this series- Arise. And I'm very sorry, but I have to make one huge huge spoiler when I talk about the plot.



LUCIAN IS EVIANA'S FATHER! Whew, that was easier than expected. Alright, now that you know, let me just tell you, this book is all about Eviana trying to escape from her demented father and fiancee. And I'm glad to tell you that she has finally made her decision about who she loves. I won't name names, but I'll just quote "Instinces may win over some, but the feelings we had for each other took a lifetime to build and that made our connection all that much stronger." So, who do you think she chose?

I think this book had the most plot and the most character development  After reading this, I really admire Eviana and her friends. They're excellent at working together. In addition, this is the first book that alternates from both Eviana and Kain's point of view, which I thought was a really good move.

What I thought was most interesting in this book was the idea of the sea-creatures eating humans. It was mentioned in the previous books, but this is the book where Kain see's the sea-sprites eat humans (well, he chooses to turn away before it occurs, but this is the closest that it ever gets to actual witness). It raises up an interesting question - these are the mermaid's allies, and the mermaids want to protect humans. So, is it worth to make a small sacrifice (of people who don't even know what's going on) to protect the rest of mankind (who also don't know what's going on)? It's an interesting question - what do you think?

The book has a really satisfying ending, and I really enjoyed reading this series. It really should all be read together (none of the books can function as a stand-alone novel), so if you buy the first book, be prepared to buy all three.

Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book as part of Enchanted Book Tours in exchange for a free and honest review.

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