Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Men At Work by Cheezburger Network

This is really just a collection of photos. You'll probably like it if you like looking at the stupid (and potentially life-threatening) things people do sometimes. If you don't, you probably won't find this book appealing.

And really, that's all you need to know. This being a collection of photos, there's no narrative, no plot, no characters to criticise. I will, however, do my best.

What I liked about this book were, the photos (to state the obvious). I didn't think that so much common sense was lacking in the world. Considering that I was reading this book while moving (on the plane anyway), it really provided some much needed chuckles.

On the other hand, I didn't get the rating system. I understand it's supposed to show how much common sense was missing, but I didn't find it very funny. Sometimes, I didn't even agree with it.

Plus, the captions. They hit the mark most of the time, but some were fairly stale jokes. It's really the things that you see on the internet everyday. Only most of the time, they come with some caption.

In conclusion, this is a simple little book for when you need a laugh (at the expense of the men). I suppose in the right mood, it would be rib-tickling, but if you're in the wrong sort of mood, you'll probably just shut the book after a few pages.

Disclaimer: I got a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for a free and honest review.

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