Friday, August 26, 2011

Zite vs Flipboard

There are many news-aggregating apps for the iPad, the two of which are Zite and Flipboard. It's actually a really effective tool to read on the iPad, because of the pretty quality, and of course, the fact that the news are up-to-date. But after having both apps for awhile, I eventually deleted Flipboard yesterday.

This is actually in interests of space (I'm running out), and I realised that once I downloaded Zite, I gradually stopped using Flipboard. What I liked about Flipboard was the face that I could look at my twitter feed and facebook (although I use it mainly for facebook).

However, it seemed harder to get the content I wanted, and by-and-by, I got tired of those same few sections. Plus, while the format is pretty, the grid-like boxes were annoying because they updated individually and it took a really long time, especially if I didn't go onto Flipboard for a time.

The nice thing I like about Zite was how it can personalise content, which led me to spend more time reading it. The way the sections are arranged are also convenient, and it's easy to add or delete a section. In fact, the reason why I got a delicious account was because I wanted to save some of the articles I read. And this is the main "flaw" of Zite, that unlike Flipboard, the articles 'disappear' much faster. There was this recipe of a s'mores pie I forgot to copy, and now it's gone ):

Another difference between the two was that while they both need the Internet to update their content, at the very least, I could browse through the previews of the different articles on Flipboard. With Zite, I can't even go to the main page (perhaps that's something they could improve on?)

But ultimately, I think I choose Zite because of it's user-friendliness, and the fact that I prefer the content it offers (I'm not sure how they choose the content, but in the Japan section of Zite, I found all the things that I liked, while Flipboard only had a Tsunami section, which was mainly twitter posts).

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