Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogger Vs Tumblr

This is a fairly unexpected post. Well, not to make, because I got the idea for it yesterday, but the fact that I even got this idea is unexpected. To cut my normally long digressions short, I was actually considering moving to Tumblr. And I'm fairly ashamed to admit, part of it was because I thought I could get more readers on Tumblr or something....

Well, there is another big reason. It's probably the main reason, come to think of it: the quote function. It's trivial, but I really wanted to have the cool quote-like things, but then again, I have twitter for that.

But coming back to the first point, I think when blogging, it's too easy to fall into the trap of thirsting after popularity or fame. I admit, I dabbled in it for a while, trying to see how to get 'famous' or just trying to appear on google's search results (a feat I have yet to accomplish). But then, I stopped and asked myself, what am I writing for? (and ok, maybe I was also too lazy to promote myself) But more importantly, I realised that I write for myself (as a reader), because it's a cathartic release, a rather selfish reason but true. It's a little different from IntoTheBook, which is for God and an audience. Which explains why even though I keep talking about posting less often, it doesn't happen. (It's also why late at night, I'm sometimes frantically typing into my phone so I can remember what I want to say - it's not very good quality, but better than average).

I do consider myself very blessed even to have 32 "followers" because, to be brutally honest, the quality of my writing is bad. I'm surrounded by such talented people I do feel like I'm wasting time just blogging. If you want to see good quality blogging from my friend, please go to http://www.tictacktoe.blogspot.com/ , she's truly talented in writing.

Well, I keep talking so much, on so many unrelated subjects, although there is a main theme: and that is about reading, and how it affects my life (which explains the name change). The most I can say in my defense is "a poem [blog] must ride on it's own melting" (credit to Robert Frost). I hope that by taking people through what goes on in my mind, they have a better idea of why I think, and so, how reliable my reviews are.

And look how things turned out! I was talking about Tumblr and it turned to this. Well, as you can probably tell, I'm not moving anywhere anytime soon. I have some grouses about blogspot, but Tumblr doesn't seem like what I need. And I can always change the blogskin later (when I actually have time to work on things other than school - and reading). Well, when I go to Japan (of course, God willing), I'm thinking of starting another blog, which saves the hassle of emails, maybe, and then, I might go on Tumblr. But I'll probably be sticking to Blogger for quite a long time, because I cannot imagine writing long posts on Tumblr. And the critics have a point, the reblogging function is a little annoying.

So there you have it, another interlude. So please, continue bearing with me if you do read this, no matter how long or short the posts.

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