Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I realise that I've been lazy

I just checked my blog, and found that my last two posts were all about fiction (=.=), yet I spent part of the last post talking about the non-fiction books that I read. And then I realised that I was too lazy to post the reviews of the books I read. So I figured that I'll mention them in passing here and now (rather than defer them to the next day).

Alright, so the two books are Mathematics: Is God Silent? Which is an excellent book about whether it is possible to find God and to use a Biblical-based framework when teaching maths. It actually has a concise (but still fairly detailed) version of the history of Mathematics (Did you know that there was a Maths cult???), before going on to discuss (in a fairly ToK style), whether it's possible to understand the meaning of maths without God.

And surprisingly enough, most people in Church had a "recoil from fear" reflex when they saw the book. Although it's probably because the word Mathematics was most prominent and the subtitle "Is God Silent?" was less prominent. Well, all except Uncle Bernard, Aunty Lorraine and Pastor Boey. Then again, as soon as Ryan opened the book, he turned to the sine curves, while Noelle had to flip to find it. Which probably means that Ryan has a greater affinity with Maths (which should be natural, since he takes/took HL Math).

The next book is China: A New History, and is a rather concise history of China, from ancient China to just after post-Mao. And it's actually a hefty 470+ pages, but I say concise relative to the 6000ish(?) years of written history the Chinese have, so to cram it into one volume is an achievement.

But I do wonder, why am I (and I'm not even a history student) reading these types of books (and by that, I mean China History)?

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