Sunday, January 30, 2011

I am so absent minded

At first, I thought that I did post a review of A History of Western Philosophy by Bertrand Russel, but apparently I didn't. Although in my defence rationalisation justification, I was really swamped with work and stuff. For example, English Tests, Maths Tests, and the ever present essays. Although, this doesn't really lessen the guilt (because rationalisation is never the answer).

But anyway, just a quick post to talk about the book before I go back to work.

A History of Western Philosophy really is interesting, although most of my friends find it really really weird that I'm reading it. I think it's because I don't take history, we all have so much work due and I couldn't give a satisfactory answer as to why I'm reading it.

But one thing that sticks into my mind (probably because I've shown to to everyone else so many times), is about Pythagoras, whom I've learnt so far this year, that I can and should be blaming for (almost) everything I don't understand in maths.

Anyway, Pythagoras invented a religion, whose main tenets were the transmigration of souls (basically, souls can inhabit other bodies) and (get ready for it), the sinfulness of eating beans (I more of less memorised that sentence, expect for whatever is in parenthesis, that is actually my own words). Everyone I showed it to went O.o when they saw it, and it more or less confirmed in our minds that some mathematicians are insane weird.

But apart from learning obscure but interesting facts such as these, the book really is a good introduction to Western Philosophy, although I feel that it would had been better if the author had managed to put aside his anti-Christian feelings when it came to Christianity (he treated the OT as myth).

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