Monday, January 31, 2011

The City Watch Trilogy

I've actually read a "light" book for fun, namely, the City Watch Trilogy (containing "Guards!Guards!", "Men at Arms" and "Feet of Clay") by Terry Pratchet. As usual, it's a really really fun read.

These books are the first few in the Night Watch series, and as usual, is done with a lot of humour. One of my favourite parts of the novels are the characterisations. For example:

"The only reason you couldn't say Nobby was close to the animal kingdom was that the animal kingdom would get up and walk away"

I am, of course, approximating the quote. But most of the characterisations have to do with Nobby and whether he is human. Of course, in Feet of Clay, one of the funniest episodes with Nobby is that he discovers that he is the Earl of Ankh. And when he is offered the crown (because the 'nobs' or nobles think that he'll be easier to manipulate than the Patrician), he turns it down immediately. On the grounds that there is always a catch when someone offers something good to him.

The books are mostly funny, although every now and then, Terry Pratchet veers into seriousness. For example, in the Patrician's discourse about good and evil to Vimes. And especially in the last book, when the Patrician was close to death that the most serious sections I've seen so far appear. But even though they incongruent with the general tone of the book, they are done extremely well and it doesn't feel like the author is suddenly imposing his view/his voice on others.

And from reading these three books (and others), I've actually decided on my favourite character. Weirdly enough, it's the Patrician. I think it's because it's really cool the way he runs the city, and he has a good sense of humour.

Alright, I'm going to the library tomorrow, and I've got some books to read, so I hope February will have more posts than this month!

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